VR Starter Kit
Paintball Edition

What's included?

The VR Starter Kit - Paintball Edition is packed full of functionality.
With everything you need to build your own Multiplayer Shooter for VR all in a nice clean package.
Go to Built for VR First

Built for VR First

This package is designed to work with the HTC Vive and SteamVR

Go to Multiplayer with Teams

Multiplayer with Teams

Team play with auto balancing is all built in and ready to go.

Go to Clean documented code

Clean documented code

Easy to extend and build upon.

Go to Full working game

Full working game

A fully playable game you can enjoy immediately

Available on the Unity Asset Store

Tons of Bonuses

This Starter kit is full of all kinds of great surprises
Simple Setup
Just add the package and press play

No asset pack is complete with just code.. That's why the Multiplayer VR Kit includes so much more!

This kit includes a ready to use wrapper to track your players Vhead and hands.. for both the HTC Vive and the Oculus Rift Touch controllers.

No game is complete though without a few cartoon themed characters with their own unique faces to match their attitude.

And of course in any VR game, sound is important to add a sense of presence, so high quality professional voiceovers had to be part of the package.

  • The entire network system is built on Unity's native UNET platform.

  • Use the prefabs to build your own game from scratch or start off with the demo scene

  • Professional Voiceovers and SoundFX that you can use on any project

  • The art you see is all included. Use it however you see fit (or bring your own).

The Characters

Who are the stars of this paintball battle?


The Red Guy
Rick is really red. He likes everything red and loves to shoot at blue things..


Leader of the Blue guys
Bob things you should get this pack and start playing with him now..


She’s ready to shoot
Name starting with a Y are hard to find!


He’s green and has guns!
He loves grass, games, and anything green.

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